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Restricted Products on Amazon.com

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Recently, Amazon has declared a few of our products as "Restricted Products" and has removed them from their catalog.  Among these products are the V3 Precision Kevlar Backpack Insert, and our Bugout line of Solar Backpacks.

Apparently, there are new policies in place at Amazon which states:

"This product has been identified as body armor, a body armor plate, body armor designed for accommodating body armor plates, or a bomb suit.Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon.com of body armor, body armor plates, body armor designed for accommodating body armor plates, or bomb suits."

The V3 Precision Kevlar Backpack Insert has been on the market and selling through Amazon for almost 2 years. Their decision is obviously fueled by the most recent shootings and Amazon is pushing their political agenda at the vendors expense (not to mention the customer's expense).  The Kevlar Backpack Insert is a piece of personal protection (a very passive form of personal protection). 

Surprisingly, Amazon has also banned our Bugout line of Solar Backpacks!  These backpacks are solar powered and do not include the Kevlar Backpack Insert.  Being that the Backpack Insert is an accessory, the backpacks have been banned.  Maybe it is the fact that the Bugout Solar Backpacks are a tactical style and offered in the Army OCP Camo?  Who knows...Amazon has been very ambiguous about the reasons and continue to push their political agenda at our expense.

It is quite obvious that the Kevlar Backpack Insert can fit into ANY backpack or laptop bag, but no move has been made to declare all backpacks as a Restricted Product.

These products are still available on our website and soon through many other retail channels.  We will not deny our customers access to the Kevlar Inserts or any other form of personal protection.

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