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About Us

Eclipse Solar Gear is an Innovus Designs Inc company brand located just north of Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 2003 with the mobile consumer electronics user and outdoorsman in mind.

The Solar Gear design was an inspiration while on vacation at the beach. Many people were basking in the sun, talking on their cell phones, and having a great time. The inspiration stemmed from noticing how many of the beach-goers were worried about their cell phones. The worry was not about the quality of service, or the amount of minutes they had, but about the life of their batteries. Instead of running back to your car charge your phone, why not use the sun to extend the battery life, and have a little piece of mind that your phone battery is not going to be drained?

The solar bags are a patented line of solar backpacks, solar messenger bags, and other quality cases designed to charge mobile personal electronics, tablets, phones, and wearable technologies.

Our Focus

At Eclipse Solar Gear we have focused on mobile solar power and personal solar power in the Consumer Electronics, Remote Power, and Wearable Technologies markets. We want to use the latest technologies to produce the most efficient and most effective products to enable your mobile lifestyle.

Solar is Changing

Solar energy is abundant and the challenge is harnessing the power, collecting and storing the power, and how to utilize the power. As technologies change, so will the ability to utilize and scale the usage. Solar technologies are changing with increased power conversions, and lower pricing for widespread acceptance in the market. Battery technologies are changing with higher capacities, longer shelf-life, and smaller form factors. Mobile electronics are changing with more efficient chips, board designs, and displays. Combine these technologies and we are envisioning totally self-sustaining mobile devices.

As mobile devices and wearable technologies advance and evolve, Eclipse Solar Gear will have a stylish solution to keep your mobile devices charged and ready to go.  Let Eclipse Solar Gear be your source for personal solar power!

Stay in Charge!



US Patent 6,870,089 and 7,619,884 and Patents Pending

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