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Since 2003, Eclipse Solar Gear has been the leading source for innovative solar charging carrying cases for all your mobile personal electronics. The mobile cases are a patented line of solar backpacks, solar messenger bags, solar camera bags, solar bicycle bags, and other quality cases designed to charge the batteries of common handheld electronics including: Cell phones, Smartphones, tablets, iPads, GPS units, action cams, and other mobile and wearable technologies in a convenient and effortless manner.

Our goal is to enhance your personal electronics battery life by providing a convenient source of solar energy especially when no other traditional power source is available.  Using a solar backpack or any solar charger can extend the use of your personal electronics.

Be prepared for any emergency situation with a convenient source of personal solar power.

US Patent and patents pending

The new Trackingpoint Solar Backpack and Folding Solar Charger by Eclipse Solar Gear. Trackingpoint's Precision Guided Firearm is the mnost accurate shooting system in the world. The solar backpack and solar chargers are used to charge the scope batteries, iPad, and wearable technologies for extended use at the range or out in the field.

Charge your Trackingpoint scope batteries and the Remington 2020 scope batteries with an Eclipse Solar Gear Solar Backpack or Foldout Solar Charger:

BP420125 - Bugout Solar Backpack

FM002125 - Foldout Solar Charger

FM004125 - Foldoout Solar Charger


The Photo Pro Solar Backpack



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